Photoupz 2.0

Removes artifacts from digital images
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Cleans your picture of imperfections and artifacts. Removes unwanted parts from your photos such as unwanted people, objects, watermarks, date stamps, etc.

Photoupz is a simple yet efficient photo utility that will help you to get rid of a wide variety of unwanted elements that sometimes make their way inadvertently into your precious shots –tourists, pedestrians, vehicles, etc. Actually, you can use it to remove any artifact present in a digital image, such as a logo, a watermark, or a date stamp. The entire removal process takes but three or four clicks of your mouse, and the quality of the results will certainly surprise you.

Though Photoupz also comes with other minor enhancing and editing utilities, it has been mainly designed to perform successful object removal processes in the most straightforward way possible. You will not need to have any previous experience in erasing objects from photographs to succeed – just select an image file, “paint” the object you want to get rid of, and click to remove it. Alternatively, you can mark any straight lines hidden behind the object to be erased to help the program to “inpaint” that area in a more accurate way. All it takes is a few seconds and a couple of mouse clicks, and you will be amazed of the inpainting capabilities of this small tool. Some complex backgrounds may need further retouching – just repeat the removal process over that specific area and enjoy the results.

As said, Photoupz comes also with some minor yet interesting editing features that will help you enhance your favorite images. You can use the denoiser to remove excessive grain or to remove small blemishes and wrinkles from facial photos and portraits. You can also sharpen your photos and correct common exposure mistakes that darken your best shots. However, it is the program’s erasing capabilities that makes it really worth trying.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Extremely easy to use – no experience needed whatsoever
  • High-quality results thanks to its high-end inpainting algorithms


  • Weak enhancing features
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